Midwest assists building owners, architects, engineers and contractors in the design, application and installation of technologically advanced mechanical equipment and energy efficient HVAC systems solutions. We are a solutions-based company providing mechanical equipment and systems from leading manufacturers. Learn more about our products by selecting a category.

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Product Manufacturers

Cancoil Thermal Corporation

Finned tube heating and cooling coils, dry coolers, & condensing units

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.

Ruffneck explosion proof heaters & Cata-Dyne catalytic heaters

Daikin Applied

Industry leading HVAC technologies

Daikin Light Commercial

Packaged rooftop air handling units, split A/C, & condensing units

Daikin Residential

Split A/C, condensing units, and furnaces

Daikin VRV

Variable Refrigerant Volume

Direct Coil Inc.

Finned tube heating and cooling coils, condensing units, & dry coolers

EB Air Control Inc.

Induction units, bubble dampers, air valves


Fan coil solutions


Steam and hydronic boilers


Split A/C, condensing units, and furnaces

Jaga Climate Designers

Low H20 hydronic heating and cooling


QMark electric heaters, Leading Edge fans & Air Curtains


High efficiency air cooled & water cooled chillers

Nyle Water Heating Systems

Heat Pump Domestic Water Heaters


Hydronic heating and cooling, steel panel radiators


Make up air units and a full line of ventilation products

Safeair Technology

Explosion proof, corrosion protected, & severe duty HVAC/R systems

Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc.

Fully custom air handling units manufactured in Alberta

Sigma Corporation

Hydronic heating & cooling


Electric heating

Tempeff North America Ltd.

High efficiency heat recovery units


Make up air units and a full line of ventilation products

Twa Panel Systems

Radiant heating and cooling panels & chilled beam

Unilux VFC

Vertical stack fan coil products with integrated ERV/HRV


Water sourced heat pumps & water cooled chillers