QuantumFlo Inc and Midwest Engineering (AB)
Posted on: May 21 2018

QuantumFlo Inc and Midwest Engineering (AB) Ltd are pleased to announce a new partnership in Alberta.

Midwest Engineering will be able to strengthen the offering to our commercial and engineering customers with the addition of QuantumFlo. QuantumFlo Inc is a manufacturer of efficient, high quality packaged booster systems and custom HVAC skids. Midwest Engineering provides our customers with engineered solutions, product support, project management, and post-installation service and support.

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Daikin Intelligent Equipment
Posted on: May 21 2018

Daikin Applied is harnessing the power of the Internet of Things by using Intel-based intelligent gateway solutions to deploy a complete end-to-end solution for commercial HVAC rooftop equipment and systems.

Intelligent Equipment brings advanced energy management and the power of the Internet to help building owners better manage the performance of their buildings and make them aware of HVAC issues before they happen, while service teams move from a reactive to a preventative service model. Customer comfort increases while reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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Midwest is now a stocking distributor...
Posted on: May 21 2018

Midwest is now a stocking distributor of -40 deg C rated low ambient Daikin mini splits ranging in size from ¾ tons to 5 tons.

Core Energy Recovery Solutions and Daikin.
Posted on: May 21 2018

Now available in both Daikin Rebel and Vision systems offering latent recovery, less maintenance and minimal crossover. http://core.life/en/

Taco News
Posted on: May 21 2018

An NFC tag installed on most new equipment that contains all product information easily opened on your phone. Find out more

Daikin’s new PreciseLine Blower Coil
Posted on: May 21 2018

Precisely condition air in a smaller, more affordable package. Find out more

Make Up Air units in 10 days or less….
Posted on: Mar 27 2020

With over 10,000 make-up air units sold annually, and six US based manufacturing plants strategically located across the country, Thermotek & RuppAir prides itself on exceptional lead times: 3-5 days on exhaust fans, 5-10 days on Modular Make Up Air Units, and 4-6 weeks on Heavy Duty Industrial Make Up Air Units. Electric Units and Packaged Cooling are also Available. Contact Midwest Engineering for more info.


Contact Midwest Engineering for more info.


Jaga Briza Fancoils
Posted on: Jun 8 2020

At just 8.7" deep and up to 3 tons cooling, the Briza 22 is the thinnest fancoil in the industry. It is the ultimate fan coil for quiet, space-saving heating and cooling.


Jaga Climate Designers

At just 8.7” deep, the Briza is the ultimate hydronic fancoill for quiet, space-saving heating and cooling. Tucked into the wall/ceiling in ducted or non-ducted installation, it operates off an EC Motor so quiet you won’t even know its there! Briza 22 can cover up to 27' of horizontal air throw and remain under 35dBA.

Ideal for non ducted or ducted installations as a space saving solution. Use the compact Briza 22 fan coil in the ceiling and its space saving design has the potential to allow another floor within a given building height.

Briza can easily handle up to 0.4" of external static pressure for ducted installations. Need more? Briza 22 with High Performance 208V-60hz single phase motor handles up to 0,7" of external static pressure.

Ventilation with Briza 22 is also possible with addition of the air mixing box.


See the Briza in action!

Jaga Low Temp Radiation - Seniors Living
Posted on: Jan 20 2021

Jaga low temperature radiation is an excellent fit for Seniors housing, school, daycares, hospitals, public spaces etc. where a high surface temperature is to be avoided.

Originally spec'd as Runtal radiant panels, engineers decided to go with Jaga's low-temperature units as they didn't run the risk of burns in this senior living facility, offering a better (and more cost-effective) solution. With Jaga, the exterior casing won't exceed 109F, even with high water temps flowing through the coil.  Check out Jaga's Instagram here for more exciting projects!