Midwest assists building owners, architects, engineers and contractors in the design, application and installation of technologically advanced mechanical equipment and energy efficient HVAC systems solutions. We are a solutions-based company providing mechanical equipment and systems from leading manufacturers. Learn more about our products by selecting a category.

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Product Manufacturers

Big Foot

Rooftop building services support systems

Camfil APC

Dust collection & fume extraction systems

Cancoil Thermal Corporation

Finned tube heating and cooling coils, dry coolers, & condensing units

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.

Ruffneck explosion proof heaters & Cata-Dyne catalytic heaters


Special filtration & scrubbers


Humidification and evaporative cooling solutions

Continental Fan Manufacturing

Commercial & industrial fans, blowers & dampers 

Daikin Applied

Industry leading HVAC technologies

Daikin Light Commercial

Packaged rooftop air handling units, split A/C, & condensing units

Daikin Residential

Split A/C, condensing units, and furnaces

Daikin VRV

Variable Refrigerant Volume


Variable frequency drives for HVAC equipment

Direct Coil Inc.

Finned tube heating and cooling coils, condensing units, & dry coolers


Enthalpy & sensible heat wheels

EB Air Control Inc.

Induction units, bubble dampers, air valves


Steam and hydronic boilers


Split A/C, condensing units, and furnaces

Hays Fluid Controls

Fluid flow control valves


Finned tube heating and cooling coils

Jaga Climate Designers

Low H20 hydronic heating and cooling

Moffit Ventilation

Innovative Ventilation Solutions


High efficiency air cooled & water cooled chillers


Data Centre Cooling Units


Humidification and evaporative cooling solutions

Nyle Water Heating Systems

Heat Pump Domestic Water Heaters


Commercial and Residential ERVs & ERVs with VRV Integration


Solutions for challenging Corrosive Ventilation requirements


Hydronic heating and cooling, steel panel radiators


Make up air units and a full line of ventilation products

Safeair Technology

Explosion proof, corrosion protected, & severe duty HVAC/R systems

Scott Springfield Mfg. Inc.

Fully custom air handling units manufactured in Alberta

Sigma Corporation

Hydronic heating & cooling

SKYPLUME Technologies

High plume dilution exhaust equipment for corrosive environments

Strato Automation
Efficient and Data-Driven Building Automation

Commercial pumps, heat exchangers, tanks, & hydronic accessories

Tempeff North America Ltd.

High efficiency heat recovery units


Make up air units and a full line of ventilation products

Trerice Gauges

Pressure gauges, temperature instrumentation, regulators, & control valves

Twa Panel Systems

Radiant heating and cooling panels & chilled beam

Unilux VFC

Vertical stack fan coil products with integrated ERV/HRV


Water sourced heat pumps & water cooled chillers